How Reliable is An Advertising Agency for Releasing Ads in the Newspaper?

The print medium and advertising have been bosom buddies from almost the inception of the books and newspapers. Advertisements account for up to 70% of a newspaper’s income, which makes them an integral part of the publication.  Given the long-established link between advertising and newspapers, one may question the need for a Newspaper advertising agency when they advertiser could book newspaper ads themselves. There are a number of reasons why advertising agencies are trusted by both the newspapers as well as the individuals and/or companies who want to place the ads.

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Why are advertising agencies reliable?

An advertising agency does far more than just placing the ad in the newspaper. By providing myriad services, they aid their clients in hitting the right note with their consumers and garner more attention and customers due to effective ad placements on select days. The benefits of using an advertising agency come with several perks which give them credibility and builds reliability in the long term.

Let us look at the different services and benefits an advertising agency offers.

  • Creative Expertise – The advertising world is a competitive one with new products and new ads coming out every day. People in the ad world are continuously improving their skills with each project; whether it be brainstorming, ideation, copy, graphics or placement of the ad. These ever-growing skills make sure you get the bang for your buck at the end of the day.
  • Market Research – Customers come to ad agencies knowing what product or service they want to advertise and maybe who they would like to advertise to. The newspaper advertising agency does the research to figure out how to reach the preferred audience, which format would be best, the tone and content which ideally suits not only the brand and product but also hits the right note with the audience. All this goes a long way toward building stronger customer relations as well as a stronger brand image.
  • Media planning and buying – Deciding to book newspaper ad is the easy part. Which newspaper, for how long, in which format, whether it’s black & white or color are questions which your ad agency answers for you. If an agency is of some repute and/or has been established for a long time an added benefit would be the long-established ties between the agency and the publication houses itself. This goes a long way toward ensuring your ad comes out at the right time in the correct format at a competitive price.
  • Brand Building – A newspaper ad agency helps create a well-rounded brand identity, especially if one chooses to stay with an agency for a longer period of time.  They create a long-term plan along with brand promotion strategies which help build up the brand and establish it as a trustworthy company. This sometimes has to be done by employing various agencies across the country to come up with an effective national strategy but that might prove to be very taxing. Instead, you could just work with an agency of great repute and connections across the country like Lookad.

Why is Lookad India the one to trust?

As an agency with more than three decades of experience, it has established its credibility as one of the most reliable agencies in the state. Lookad India has in-house experts which answer all your queries and do their best to ensure you get the result you wanted. Having built strong relationships with the various media houses; they are able to give their customers the best prices in the market; making them very affordable. Above all, they place great value on customer relations which creates a synergy between the customer and themselves resulting in appreciable performances making Lookad India the ideal newspaper advertising agency for your brand needs.


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