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Obituary Advertisements are published to inform acquaintances about the sudden upsetting death of a beloved and provide the details of their upcoming funeral. Since, it is not convenient to inform all the acquaintances individually about the same, newspapers obituary Ads are preferred mediums for their authenticity and wide circulation figures that can inform the mass within a single publication.

Formats of Obituary Advertisement

Precisely, an Obituary Ads can be released in three broad formats:

Classified (Obituary) Text Ad: This is the simplest form of displaying your Obituary Ad. This form of publishing your Obituary Ad will display only texts without any image which will appear in the Classified section of a newspaper.

Display (Obituary) Ad: If you want to represent your Obituary Ad through an image without much text, then Display Ad is the best choice. Such ads are designed using high resolution colored or black and white templates with the use of minimal text.

Display Classified (Obituary) Ad: The content of such advertisements include text as well as image and is considered to be the contemporary form of displaying your Obituary Ad. The rate for such Ad is fixed per square centimeter.

Furthermore, Obituary Ads in newspaper are released in all leading dailies like The Times of India, Daily Excelsior, The Hindu, etc. However, the Times of India Obituary, Daily Excelsior Obituary and The Hindu Obituary are preferred choices for their authenticity and popularity.

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The Times of India, Daily Excelsior and The Hindu provide different types of Obituary Ads like:

Death Announcement Ad– For communicating the acquaintances about the sudden death of a beloved one.

Remembrance or Death Anniversary Ads– Booked annually in the memory of the deceased one.

Tribune or Condolence Ad– Booked to portray the essence of sympathy for a beloved deceased one.

Booking Obituary Ads online in Newspaper has certain perks. These are as follows:

  • Daily Excelsior Obituary, The Hindu Obituary and Times of India Obituary Ads assists one to get in touch and communicate with the target group of people throughout the nation.
  • These publications specifically ensure that the Ad experiences the maximum reach, particularly in regions like- Jammu & Kashmir, South India, and North India respectively.
  • The Daily Excelsior Obituary Ad, The Hindu Obituary Ad and Times of India Obituary Ad rates are marginally steep when compared to other publications with the same popularity. Hence, when the result of the obituary Ad is juxtaposed with the expense involved, the first element overpowers the second factor.

Why book Obituary Ads through Bookadsnow?

Bookadsnow is an online media planning portal that simplifies the process of book newspaper Ad in publications that operate in India. Their experience in the media industry over the past 3 decades has helped them to earn an accreditation from the Indian Newspaper Society. Since then they have been maintaining long-standing relationships with most publications in the nation.

Additionally, their trained media experts are well equipped to answer all the queries of the client. Bookadsnow does not display any fixed newspaper advertising rates on our website as their experts personally negotiate lower newspaper advertising rates for their clients keeping in mind their Ad requisites. Moreover, they also have readymade templates that allow us to cater to the need of the clients, even at the eleventh hour. Since Bookadsnow is a firm believer in keeping a clarity with their clients, after the advertisement is released they will provide the clients with a hard copy of the newspaper which will display their work.

How to Book Obituary Ad through Bookadsnow?

Once you are sure about the format of your obituary ads in newspaper, follow these simple steps to book obituary Ad through Bookadsnow.

Step1: Select ‘Obituary Ad’ from Bookadsnow homepage.

Step 2: Select your preferred newspaper.

Step 3: Choose a particular format for releasing your obituary Ads between the Classified Text Ad, Display Ad, and Display Classified Ad.

Step 4: You’ll come across 3 distinct online forms for each Ad format.

  • Start by specifying the location for publishing your Obituary Ad (one or more cities).
  • Next, choose the Ad size or customize the size of your Obituary Ad, as per your requirement.
  • Provide the creative or the content of your Ad and also mention the date of release. Alternatively, you can also choose from the readymade templates or creatives which are already present with Bookadsnow to generate better results out of your advertisement.
  • Lastly, mention your personal details along with a comment (if needed) to outline your requirements followed by submitting your query.

Once, you are through with this process, their media experts will contact you and gain further information about your requirements. Bookadsnow does not have any pre-defined media rates. Hence, once they analyze your requirements, they will set up an appropriate budget for your obituary ads in the newspaper after negotiating the rates with the publication on your behalf.


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