Myths & Facts about Television Advertising

With each passing day, it is becoming a popular notion that “the rise of digital media platforms is going to make TV obsolete.” But is it all that true?

While examining the available research reports, we have come to the conclusion that most of the widely held parables about commercial television are precisely wrong. Hence, in this blog, we will shed light on the myths and work on busting them to present you with much-needed facts catering to television advertising.

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Television Advertising- Myths Busted!

#MYTH 1: Commercial TV advertising is in its final Dissolution Stage

Reality Says…

Contrary to what the doom-mongers believe, we can see that broadcast viewing figures have improved in India with an increased viewership of television Ads, especially during the prime slot. In India, there are 153 million households backed up by 680 million viewers who spend at least 3 hours per day watching TV. This, in turn, results in a total viewership of 65 crores every month, thereby giving an evaluation that television advertisement reaches 80% of the total viewers. Hence, as we see it, TV advertising is not declining, at least in the next 15 years.

#MYTH 2: TV Advertising is not responsive

Reality Says…

Forget about what the reality says. Do you think the advertisers are fools who will spend heavy amounts out of their pocket and engage in television advertising technique without much responsiveness?

Ask the brands about the effectiveness of airing a television ad and they will come up with the prompt answer- ‘responsive’. If that was not the case, brands would not have acknowledged shedding an exorbitant amount on one Ad campaign for increasing the ROI (Return on Investment) of the business. This form of brand promotion is the final deciding factor for purchasing a particular product or a service which ultimately becomes the profit gearing determinant for a brand.

#MYTH 3: The majority of video viewing now happens on Phones and Tablets.

Reality Says…

Adults in today’s fast-paced world do not have the time to watch videos for a prolonged time period on phones and tablets. On the contrary, they spend hardly a few minutes to scroll up and down through the various social media platforms without allowing themselves to engage much with the content. The amount of time the adults and young adults spend on their phone, tablets, and PCs together is much less than the time people spend watching television. Hence, the power of television advertisement is not fading away anytime sooner.

#MYTH 4: Brands cannot promote themselves effectively through TV Advertising

Reality Says…

With television advertising technique, a brand or a business gets the chance to promote their products or services through enough creativity. TV advertising is a perfect synergy between sound and visuals, thereby establishing a compelling story. This way, a brand gets the license to reflect the ethos of their business which eventually leads to seizing the attention of the targeted viewers.

Why do you think Google chose to indulge in television advertising in spite of being a popular brand? It is because they intend to reach the age group which goes beyond the millennial, thereby explaining the features and the service they provide through a comical story-telling strategy.

#MYTH 5: Millennial detest watching TV

Reality Says…

The young generation has taken a new liking to watch television content with renewed enthusiasm. In fact, millennial-aged 18-34 years watch TV, almost touching 3 hours per day. It is precisely more than spending time on eating, doing shopping and browsing through social media platforms combined.

With that being said, we have busted the myths catering to TV advertising strategy or technique.

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