How to Publish a Notice Ad in the Newspapers of India?

The press plays a very important role in a democratic country. Apart from acting as the fourth estate, it is also an important form of communication uniquely by the people, for the people, and of the people. Publishing public notice ads are an important function of the newspapers which help them fulfill their many roles.

A notice advertisement or a public notice ad is advertised in the papers to inform the public about specific information which may affect their everyday lives. These ads may be released by an individual, a corporate, or the government for a particular period of time to ensure that everyone has the opportunity to have read the ad. They appear in a number of formats as it can follow both the display ad format and classified ad format. The design of public notice ads in newspaper is bold and striking to catch the attention of the newspapers.

public notice ads

When in the process of publishing a notice advertisement one should remember to carry the legal document which will be required to publish the ad. A letterhead from an active lawyer explaining the nature and need for this ad, alongside his/her signature, seal and registration number is required to publish public notice ads in newspaper. This is in addition to other documents which your lawyer will inform you of.

There are many types of notice ads which are released according to the need of the advertiser:

  • To resolve family disputes around the property and inform the public of the same
  • Property Auctions
  • Misplaced Documents
  • Loss of Share Certificate
  • A Lost or Misplaced Sale agreement
  • When an Office shits from one address to a new one
  • Revocation of the Power of Attorney
  • Notice ads by banks announcing new schemes or topics
  • Summon of Courts ad
  • C-Forms Lost
  • H-Forms Lost

Public notices have to be clear and simple in nature so that the audience is able to clearly understand the message. To be able to reach the required audience in India, the favorite medium is the newspaper. Popular newspapers such as The Economic Times, The Hindu, and Deccan Chronicle are some favorites. Their large circulation and readership allow the advertiser to reach their audience effectively. It’s more profitable if you release Times of India Public Notice ads through Lookad India.

Book Public Notice ads through Bookadsnow

As notice advertisements are not a simple matter of publishing an advertisement only but part of a legal process as well, choosing the advertising agency through which you will place your ad is an important decision. Lookad India is an advertising agency which has thrived in the industry for over thirty years and has earned many loyal clients over the years. Lookad’s experience ensures that placing public notice ads in newspaper will be a quick and easy affair. Their INS Accreditation ensures that your notice advertisement is verified and credible.

Lookad India’s years in the industry have created strong ties with the many media houses they have worked with through the years. These relationships lead to better prices for the advertiser as newspaper advertisement are flexible to begin with. You will also benefit from the in-house media experts who have the expertise and knowledge to help you place the ad without any difficulty. Their knowledge and experience also help their clients in securing the best section and position which will surely get your ad noticed; thereby accomplishing the reason it had been released.

Lookad India’s process for booking an ad is very easy. One can choose to place the ad via their online site or call them directly. Their online site has been created to be easily understood and simple to use thus making the lives of their clients easier. You can also call them at 98300-30877 and speak to their experts, who will give you all the required information to publish your ad.


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