How to Book Advertisement in Telegraph Newspaper Instantly?

If you looking for a way to book newspaper Ad in the Telegraph instantly, then we have a perfect solution for you in this write-up! However, before we delve into the above-mentioned issue, let us garner some knowledge catering to the Telegraph.

The Telegraph is a popular daily in the English Language in Eastern India. It an extensively circulated newspaper with a total readership of 14,08,000 and 7,46,000 readers in Kolkata itself. When compared to other publications, the Telegraph emerges as a comparatively young newspaper which came into existence on July 7, 1982.

In fact, it represents the face of the modern journalism and has always been the first to come up with breaking news, discover scoops or even when it comes to investigating news. Moreover, the exquisite journalism skill which they portray through their work has enabled them to win prestigious global print awards like the SNAP and IFRA.

Given the popularity of the newspaper, brands and individuals make it a point to indulge in the Telegraph advertising to reach out to the audiences primarily located in the eastern zone of India.

Telegraph advertising

Reason to Book Newspaper Ads in the Telegraph

Extensive Reach:  The Telegraph has 5 editions in all- The Calcutta edition, The South Bengal edition, The North Bengal edition, The Northeast edition (the Guwahati split) and The Jharkhand edition. Again, the Audit Bureau of Circulations (July to December ’08) has revealed that the approximate circulation of this newspaper accounts to 4,84,971 copies per day. Hence, the widespread reach of the publication inspires brands and individuals to book newspaper Ad in The Telegraph.

Ad Options & Formats: The Telegraph gives the brands and the individuals the potential to book newspaper Ads of various types and formats. The Telegraph advertising price depends on the format and the type of advertisement brands choose to publish. The types of advertisements are as follows: matrimonial Ads, property Ads, notice Ads, obituary Ads, recruitment Ads, etc. Additionally, each of these can be released in three broad formats namely: Display Ad, Display Classified Ad and Classified Text Ad.

Effective Supplements: Apart from the main issue, the Telegraph comes with a variety of supplements that delve into specific subjects. Hence, brands or individuals whose commercial directly aligns with the theme of the supplement can book newspaper Ads online in the same. The popular supplements which accompany the Telegraph newspaper are Career graph, Metro, Jobs, and T2.

Book Telegraph Advertising Instantly with Bookadsnow

If you are finding yourself confused with the term Bookadsnow, allow us to help you with the same.

Bookadsnow represents the new age newspaper booking technique, whereby you can book newspaper Ad from the comfort of your home in a few simple steps. It is an online media planning portal with their presence in the media industry for over 3 decades which has allowed them to earn the accreditation of INS (Indian Newspaper Society).

In these years, Bookadsnow has been maintaining a long-standing relationship with small, medium and renowned media houses, a feature rarely found in other newspaper advertising agencies.  Moreover, expect the best newspaper Ad placement through Bookadsnow as their experts exactly know which Ad position will allow the clients to earn the best ROI (Return on Investment).

Furthermore, Bookadsnow an initiative by the Lookad India Pvt Ltd, the leading Advertising agency in Kolkata does not have any predefined card rates for booking newspaper Ads. They take the initiative to learn about the client’s requirements based on which they come up with a suitable budget for the newspaper Ad. Bookadsnow also has the rare potential to negotiate the newspaper Ad rates with the concerned publication on behalf of their clients and allows them to design the best media rates in the industry.

Hence, consider booking newspaper Ads in the Telegraph in a few simple steps through Bookadsnow.

The Process of releasing Ads in Telegraph Newspaper

Step 1: Choose a particular Ad type from the given list of Ads on their Homepage.

Step 2: Select ‘The Telegraph’ as your preferred newspaper.

Step 3: Select a specific format for the Telegraph advertising among Classified Text Ad, Display Ad, and Classified Display Ad.

Step 4: You’ll come across 3 distinct online forms for each type.

  • Start by specifying the location for publishing your newspaper Ad (one or more city).
  • Next, determine the size of your Ad.
  • Upload the creative or the content of your Ad and also mention the date of release. If you are new to booking Ads, Bookadsnow has a set of readymade templates or creatives for every Ad type that will produce a better result out of your newspaper advertisement.
  • Wrap up the process by mentioning your personal information along with a comment (if needed) to define your conditions followed by submitting the online form.

Once you are done with the whole process of booking newspaper Ad in the Telegraph, the in-house media team of Bookadsnow will contact you and guide you with the other details of your advertisement along with setting up a relevant budget for your Ad type.


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